Bad Radkersburg and South East Styria

Located at less than one hour drive from our location in Orseg … Bad Radkersburg

When something has preserved its charm and its youthful appearance over 700 years, there must be something special.

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There is no written record of Radkersburg’s founding. It is first mentioned in the records as “Rakerspurch” in 1182. Before the town even received the name Radkersburg, it was among the leading trade routes in Styria. It was considered a "market" in the year 1265. Trades have a long tradition here. Blacksmiths, in particular, have been held in high regard for centuries. Radkersburg was home to coopers as well. The cooper’s guild was found in the Bindergasse.

The old structures are being carefully maintained to this day. In 1978 the town was awarded the European gold medal for the protection and preservation of historical monuments.

Due to its proximity to the countries of Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, the Bad Radkersburg region is in the centre of a quadripoint: an ideal base for a day trip to the wine-growing regions of the neighbouring countries or the Slovenian capital of Marburg.

On the Hauptplatz in Bad Radkersburg, you will find the town’s emblem, the Rathausturm. The upper section was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1806. You will also find the Mariensäule as a reminder of the plague on the Hauptplatz. The appeal of the enchanting town Bad Radkersburg at the border, in the most southern part of the thermal country Styria, lies in the unique mixture of splendid historical buildings, facades and monuments out of a historical past, and a young and refreshing town-life with nice cafeterias and shops. Do not miss a visit in the museum in the old arsenal, which is folkloristic and historical on one hand and a current “visiting card “ of the town and its surrounding on the other hand.

The thermal bath Bad Radkersburg, which is close by, is known to be the thermal facility of the thermal country Styria that is friendly and open to families. It is a real wellness oasis in the middle of health, cure and holiday hotels.

All in all, Bad Radkersburg definitely belongs to the highlights when visiting Styria.

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