Artist's block..oh no!

I’ve had artist’s block that is for sure. I don’t know whether my lovely muse has gone on strike, or possibly a mix of  stress and lack of confidence, but I haven’t taken a picture since a couple of  weeks. Not only that but I really do not want even to take out my camera. This has happened to me before so I do not worry too much and I know what I have to do.  First, do absolutely nothing, and avoid to get stressed.  I know will come back. Second, sometimes we all need a break. Third, I go and look at paintings in galleries. I don’t know anything about art but I  love it.  If creativity is a reservoir, it definitely helps fill it up again. Fourthly, I go for walks with my iPod. The sea helps too, but there is no sea in Milan! And finally, I read lots .And then out of the blue, I woke up this morning and was happy to take pictures again!