Thodoros Angelopulos at Incroci di Civilta'

The Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos, who has died yesterday aged 76 in a road accident, was an epic poet of the cinema, creating allegories of 20th-century Greek history and politics. He redefined the slow pan, the long take and tracking shots, of which he was a master. His stately, magisterial style and languidly unfolding narratives require some effort on the part of the spectator.

Theòdoros Angelòpoulos is a Greek filmmaker, screenwriter and film producer, here posing in Venice during Incontri di Civilta' ---------------------- Marco Secchi/XianPix email (Marco Secchi)

The above picture was taken during his last visit to Venice last year, when he was invited by Incroci di Civilta', a brilliant yearly festival that involves writers, authors, film directors, screen players etc etc but this is another story