Must stop moaning

Casa del Tintoretto
Image by ophelyee via Flickr

I have complained before about the so called Artist Block at least here and just few days ago . Today I realized that I must stop moaning, at least for the time being, and here are few of the  reasons:

  • I am lucky enough, in this period of my life, to leave in one of the most beautiful and inspiring places of the world: Venice.
  • I live very close to the sea, probably 20 meters and I believe the sea is very inspiring
  • I live about 100mt from where Tintoretto used to live and work, there are so many of his works close to me that is unbelievable.
  • Venice is so rich of libraries, galleries,  museums that is so easy to get inspiration.
  • Life here is relaxed and at a different pace, so you do not get stressed and have all the time you need to get inspired.
  • In Venice lived just to mention some Italian Artists  Canova, Canaletto, Vasari, Giorgione, Mantegna, Titian....

No more excuses then!