Fujifilm X100S settings for Black & White

With the X100S I shoot with ISO set to Auto, with a base ISO of 200 and a maximum of 3200. Digital noise really isn’t an issue even this high. Trust me. And the shutter speed limit is mostly set to 1/125 of a second, unless I shoot to get some deliberate motion blur, then I find 1/30 sec is perfect. That gives me some motion and energy that can lift a picture to even greater heights. Well enough about that. I promised you my settings, and these are the settings I have come to love by simply shooting, testing, looking, evaluating and readjusting, over and over again for a couple of months. These settings give me pictures with good contrasts and some punch. And I love punchy b&w!
DSCF9507 copy
So the settings for my custom setting C2 for capturing in both RAW and black & white JPGs are as follows:
Image size: L 3:2
Image quality: F+RAW
Dynamic range: DR100
Film simulation: BR (monochrome + R filter)
Sharpness: +1
Highlight tone: +2
Shadow tone: +2
Noise reduction: 0