Bespoke Photography Workshops

These photography workshops have been designed specifically for people wanting to know the techniques, the approach and the workflow of Marco Secchi for people who desire to learn his style of shooting, composition, his post-production with Photoshop technique and his editorial and creative vision who made him appreciated and chosen by agencies like Getty Images and Corbis.  Marco’s images are chosen and published on a regular basis in newspapers, magazine and books around the world.



My photography workshops are available upon request, depending on how much you’d like to learn they may be just a half day or a full day or a course over a period of time, possibly in different places.  All levels are catered for – from the beginner wanting to know how to use and get the best from their camera to the aspiring professional wishing to take their photography to the next level.

Each workshop is custom-designed to your requirements, the beginner’s workshop generally covers camera settings, the basics of exposure and apertures, lens choice, composition, etc., while experienced photographers may wish to :

  • Learn the secrets of photojournalism
  • Discover the world of paid and successful travel photography
  • Food Photography from lighting to Styling
  • How to market yourself as a professional photographer
  • Being accepted and submitting to top stock or news agencies 
  • Be successful in Social Media

I am also happy to teach small groups of 4-8 people.

One to One Photography Workshops

Bespoke photography training tailored to your needs and skill level – includes theory and practical exercises.  From camera skills right through to file management and post-processing of images to bring out the very best in your photographs.  For aspiring professionals the course can also include marketing tips and how to get noticed in an increasingly busy marketplace.

The workshop is usually in the following format  [1] learning about the controls, [2] practising using the controls by taking photos around the city with me, and [3]  finally learning how to edit photos in post-production on the computer. Obviously are  custom made based on you and yours expectations.

  • Full day (6 hours workshop): € 800
  • Full day + (Twilight to Twilight): from €1000 to €1500 depends on the season (light hours)
  • Marco's photography course: € 1500 includes five half day sessions with ongoing support and critiques over the 12 months can be done in different cities (to be agreed)  to give you a chance to really absorb the information and take your photography to a whole new level.  From camera settings and using the light right through to post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop and getting your images out there for the world to see!


2 FULL DAY Workshop   1000

Day 1 – Technical Photography

  • Composition – how to make your images look balanced, whether you are photographing landscapes, people or situations.
  • Understanding the light – where it comes from and how do we use it? How to work with and not against elements such as weather and time of day.
  • Creative use of exposure – including how to create the perfect silhouette, and how to photograph in low light situations.

Day 2 – Story Telling

  • Decisive moments: how capture a story in one picture.
  • How to tell stories in multiple images: beginning, middle, end, characters, events and interactions between people.
  • The photographic voice: examples of projects by photographers that demonstrate their distinctive style – and understanding how to find and improve yours.

Group workshop training (for 4-6 people)

• Full day (8hrs): € 300 per person – includes theory training and practical exercises with lots of tips & tricks on how to improve your photography.  Geared towards beginners and intermediate level, this course covers everything you need to know about how to operate your camera to it’s maximum potential and how to create striking images from stunning portraits of family & pets, through to landscapes, artistic compositions, how to capture that perfect sunset and lots more. Includes Breakfast and Lunch

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