No Budget for photos? will not be me

I had the usual call yesterday morning from an MD of a blue chip company- "If you want to work with us,  just sign the contract. The copyright is all ours, and if you don't like it, nothing I can do, that is the way it is. We'll get another photographer, possibly cheaper or that may be  will do the work for free in exchange of credits"

......... guess it's another photographer then.

On the steps of Marco Polo

For some funny reasons, a couple of weeks ago I found myself to host a three then moved to four days chat about Photography, Photojournalism and the power of images in communication at the Marco Polo in Venice. It has been a fantastic experience being in such close contact with young and talented artists, with such a powerful source of inspirations they can be a  therapy against the Artist Block, see my previous posts about it here and here and even here!)

This slide show is composed by a small selection of images from their Portfolios

The following ones are images taken during the 1h photo-walk we had on the fourth day near the school

Pictures are from:  Nina Alessandri, Giorgia Gavagnin, Costanza Lucarini, Enna Negrini, Carlotta Barina

Their work shows that we need to pay more attention to young artists and young photographers, we need to give them hopes and share with them our knowledge....we will be repaid back  100 times by their powerful source of inspiration! Established photographers should not be worried by young artist on the contrary we should feel energized and challenged by their "competition".....bring it on!!

PS Forgot to mention next step a small photo book!