Cranes in flight over Venice

A stunning new video shows cranes in flight over Venice. The Earthflight - Episode 3 "Europe" a John Downer Productions, Narrated by David Tennantwas screened Thursday 12th January on BBC One.

The video filmed from above and alongside a small group of cranes, with the city as a backdrop, is the latest effort off BBC’s Earth Flight. Shown close-up in flight, and in slow motion, the video reveals how air movement arising from the crane’s wing tips allows other birds to “draft,” much like cyclists do when traveling in pelotons. Those familiar with the sound of migrating cranes passing overhead will appreciate the short video in all its splendor.

The Production says:

Common cranes have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these images. Earthflight uses many different filming techniques to create the experience of flying with birds as they reveal some of the greatest natural and man-made monuments of the planet. For more information about the series visit For more information about John Downer Productions visit their website: