20 Great Things to do in Venice 3/20 - Ice Cream

Cool down with a delicious gelato

Most Venetians agree that some of the city’s best gelato is served in Boutique del Gelato, a tiny outlet on busy salizzada San Lio. Be prepared to be patient though, because there’s always a huge crowd waiting to be served. See it as quality assurance – it’s worth the wait.

VENICE, ITALY - JUNE 30:  A young customer buys an ice cream from Carlo Pistacchi's Gelateria Alaska in Santa Croce on June 30, 2011 in Venice, Italy. Carlo has been making ice-cream using fresh ingredients for more than 25 years and is renowned for experimenting with new flavours, offering his customers classic favourites such as rum and raisin or chocolate as well as some of his more unconventional creations such as asparagus or rocket salad and orange.  (Marco Secchi)

At Alaska Gelateria-Sorbetteria Carlo Pistacchi is passionate about making ice-cream and experimenting with new flavours using only the freshest natural ingredients. Stick to tried and true choices such as hazelnut or yoghurt, or branch out to sample seasonally changing exotic flavours, such as artichoke, fennel, asparagus or ginger.

Will add my best Ice Cream parlours in Venice soon