Sior Rioba

QUESTA IMMAGINE E' DISPONIBILE GRATUITAMENTE SOLO PER LA PRIMA PUBBLICAZIONE NON PUO@ ESSERE NE VENDUTA NE DISTRIBUITA..Do not resell this image  for info or call our offices in Milan at (+39) 02 400 47313 or London   +44 (0)207 1939846 for prices and terms of copyright.. (Marco Secchi) Sior Rioba has last night spoken, when few hundred posters appeared overnight on statues, bridges and lamp posts in Venice ahead  of a national mobilization of Italian women which will take place in cities across the country on February 13 for the Giornata Nazionale di Mobilitazione delle Donne

Mr. Rioba is portrayed in a corner of the Campo dei Mori, originally he came from Morea along with his two brothers, Sandi and Afan. They arrived in Venice around 1112 and were traders of spices. Signor Antonio Rioba, spokesman of the Venetians in the satire against the Republic, was for a long time for Venice what Marforio and Pasquino were for Rome,