Bespoke Photography Workshop

Discover some of the nicest and undiscovered parts of Hungary, Slovenia, Austria and Croatia, while improving your photography skills.

Bring home wonderful memories of your trip.

Relax immerse in nature, in a pretty rural village in the Hungarian countryside inside one of their National Parks.

A picturesque cultural landscape with dispersed farms on low hills. The mosaic of meadows, fields, orchards, vineyards and hamlets is intertwined by meandering streams which outlines the coniferous and deciduous forests. Goričko is the Slovenian part of a Three Countries Park with Austria and Hungary, Orseg is one of the Hungarian National Parks and Styria in one of the Austrian parks all with a habitat of endangered plant and animal species in Europe

Our basic workshop package is ideal for two people as accommodation is provided in a win en-suite room.

  • Daily transport whilst we explore is provided

  • 3-4-5-6 days of field trips, workshops and advice tutorials

  • 4-5-6-7 nights accommodation in a twin en-suite room

  • pick-up/drop-off available from the airport or train station

We will be able to explore interesting places being landscapes cities, lakes, nature we will be centrally located to the following places

Distance to major cities

Distance to major cities



My photography workshops are available for – from the beginner wanting to know how to use and get the best from their camera to the aspiring professional wishing to take their photography to the next level.

Each workshop is custom-designed to your requirements, the beginner’s workshop generally covers camera settings, the basics of exposure and apertures, lens choice, composition, etc., while experienced photographers may wish to :

  • Learn the secrets of photojournalism

  • Discover the world of paid and successful travel photography

  • Food Photography from lighting to Styling

  • How to market yourself as a professional photographer

  • Being accepted and submitting to top stock or news agencies

  • Be successful in Social Media

These photography workshops have been designed specifically for people wanting to know the techniques, the approach and the workflow of Marco Secchi for people who desire to learn his style of shooting, composition, his post-production with Photoshop technique and his editorial and creative vision who made him appreciated and chosen by agencies like Getty Images and Corbis.  Marco’s images are chosen and published on a regular basis in newspapers, magazine and books around the world.


We offer two possible accommodations:


The property is a fully independent apartment part of a cottage located in the Orseg National Park.

The apartment is fitted with a kitchenette, a dining room, a bathroom with a shower and a sleeping area with a double sofa bed. The facilities include a patio, a very large private garden, parking, powerful wifi, heaters in winter.

The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, a coffee machine, a kettle, a toaster and an induction plate.

It is a perfect location for exploring, if you have a car, you can hit five or six countries within a week.

It is cosy, warm and quiet. There is everything you need for cooking a meal and you will have the best night sleep ever!

Hiking, biking and relaxing immerse in nature are among the activities that guests can enjoy. Touring and discovering the Orseg National Park in Hungary or Goricko Park in Slovenia, as well as a visit to Croatia and Austria, are all activities at less than one hour drive,

Please email to request details

Starting in 2020 we will have second property, that we are now refurbishing, set in 4000 m garden on the Hungarian - Slovenian border