Akmal Shaikh

Britain has urged China to "do the right thing" in a last-minute appeal to halt the execution of  Akmal Shaikh, a British national on death row for drug smuggling. Foreign Office minister Ivan Lewis on Monday called on China to show clemency for Akmal Shaikh, who faces the death penalty on Tuesday, saying it was "not appropriate" to execute someone with a mental illness.I was at the Reprieve conference few months ago, "Reprieve assists prisoners facing the death penalty, and prisoners held beyond the rule of law in the ‘war on terror,’ whether in Guantánamo Bay or rendered to secret prisons elsewhere. Reprieve also supports full time frontline Reprieve Fellows, who work as lawyers, investigators and advocates in different jurisdictions. Reprieve works with partners all over the world, including prisoners’ families, NGOs, government officials, individual lawyers and human rights defenders."

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UPDATE British citizen Akmal Shaikh has been put to death in China at 10:30 local time, for drug smuggling, despite last-minute please for clemency from his family and the government. His execution has been strongly criticised by those who campaigned to save him.

I am afraid no matter what but I am unable to agree with state sanctioned murder.