Faulty batch of D3s and Nikon UK tale of 'corrosion damage' / by Marco Secchi

There is apparently a faulty batch of Nikon D3s with problems at electronic department. To quote a Nikon technician, "there was a dodgy batch about eleven months ago" but despite the admission from one of their leading technician Nikon UK at present refuse to admit the problem and several professional photographer in UK are being charged above £1000 to fix the faulty cameras.My camera is one of those and as others I have now filed a complain with Consumer Direct of the Trading Standard.

At present Nikon explain the fault with "'corrosion damage' from salt water"  This despite none of us has ever taken the camera anywhere near the coast.  Also despite their claim, in advertising that the camera is  " Durable, lightweight magnesium|minus|alloy construction and comprehensive weather sealing against dust and moisture"

As a press photographer wrote on a forum " Nikon are like diary... good for a year." Think twice before you get one!

If you are experiencing the same problem drop me a message or comment below