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 Venice Wakes Up Under Thick Fog

I spend a lot of time preparing. I think a lot about what I want to do. I have prep books, little notebooks in which I write everything down before a sitting. Otherwise I would forget my ideas. Helmut Newton

English speaking,  award winner professional photo reporter providing images for the news,  and editorial markets. My "regular" job is shooting News & Editorial Features and sometimes commercial lifestyle images. I am represented exclusively by Getty Images.

My images appear on a regular basis in top newspaper and magazine from around the world.  Several books published have my images some with only my work other that include some of my pictures. Some of my images are in the permanent collections of few museums and have been shown in many exhibitions around the world. From Ljubljana to London from Venice to Dubrovnik from Saint Petersburg to Vienna 

I have a very cool job!! I am lucky to work most of the time with some fantastic and fascinating people. 

I think everyone has a remarkable story to tell. For sure real stories are more interesting than pretend ones. So my approach is fast, relaxed, casual and fun. I look for the moments “in-between“ because they tell the truth. I love energetic images taken in the bat of an eyelid.

I offer private photography workshops in half or full-day formats and Photo Walks of 2/3/6h and they are quite different in content.

My Photo Walks I will point out details invisible to the untrained eye and reveal the best vantage-points on your chosen route, as only a local will be able to do at the same time I will give you some photographic instructions. Learn to tell a story through images, take great shots of iconic monuments and capture atmospheric images off the beaten tracks. Photo Walks can be 2h or 3h.

The Photo Walk works well if you just want to discover hidden and non-touristy part of Venice and shoot some really beautiful pictures. But for a real learning experience, focused on improving your photography skills I have found these to be too short. I have  decided to offer full workshops as well

Photography workshops are a much more intense full immersion way to improve your photography skills and include personalised instruction in the field, image critiques during and after your workshop and portfolio review.  Every private workshop is customised to fit the interests and abilities of each client and may also include digital darkroom instruction using Adobe  Photoshop, as well as the entire suite of Nik Software plug-ins. A workshop is designed to teach you new techniques in the field, teach you new techniques in a studio or teach you post-production and business skills. A photo tour is designed to take you to a great location at the best time of year and get you to the right places for the best light. A photo tour is designed to maximise the photographic opportunities with minimal or casual instruction along the way. Photography Workshops are from a min of 4h to 6h-8h or few days.

Why book a Personalised Photography Course?

Whatever your level of experience, from beginner to advanced, learn practical and creative skills, with a Personalised Photography Course for individuals or two / three people booking together.

Individual tuition allows you to enjoy Marco’s full attention as he walks you through all aspects of your camera, helps you explore your creative vision.

It is worth emphasising that individual tuition is perfectly suited to beginners; unlike with group workshops it allows for dedicated time so you can really get to know your camera.

I am often asked about my photography, so I created this little FAQ. I hope it will help. If you don't find your answer feel free to write me.

When did you take your first photograph ? I was 10; so quite a while back! ;-)

With which Camera? My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic then the Rollei of my father and then a Leica M3 that I got as a present from my parents.

What camera do you use for your Photography now? I use few Leica and few Fujifilm

Are you an Ambassador? I am an ambassador for Getty Images that represent me and my work. I do consultancy and product endorsements for manufacturers, companies and venues. I do not believe in being tied up with just one camera…especially in recommending it to clients!

Do you have a favourite lens ? I like 28-35mm range but if you check my Equipment you will see I shoot with a lot of different lenses

Do you shoot film? YES of course!! Obviously not for news and Editorial
How many pictures do you shoot during an editorial event ? Depends from ten to few hundreds
Do you digitally manipulate your photographs? No. I  cannot
Do you prefer Black and White or Colour? I have no preference i love both... it depends on the subject, mood, use.

Do you ever stage your photographs? NO for news I cannot. Unless is something commercial or advertising of course. 

Did you study photography at College or Uni ? No, I'm a self-taught.
In which cities do you teach ? At present Ljubljana, Venice, Milan, London, Budapest Can change based on my journalistic assignment
Is Photography your main job? Yes is my one and only job. I am a news and editorial photographer represented by Getty Images. Check

Do you really love Social Media? Yes I do! I am not obsessed but I do use them regularly and I have in total nearly 60,000 followers . I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest.


I am the curator of the following Flipboard magazines about Photography, Slovenia, Hungary and Venice